Monday, October 9, 2017

Best Seller Louis Vuitton 2017

Why we choose these louis vuitton bags? Because the price was 70% off, but the quality is higher, so we choose it.
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Louis Vuitton started manufacturing trunks in 1854. In the early days, Louis Vuitton sold flat trunks to France's Empress Eugenie, and won a bronze medal at the 1867 World’s Fair as well as a gold medal at the 1889 Paris World's Fair.
I would like to call the Louis VUITTON design house a super large shopping mall for it offers almost everything you could think out. I really didn’t know that even the bathrobe could be defined as fashion product.
155 years ago, when Louis Vuitton set his first leather goods store in Pairs, flat covered suitcase is the majority, which became the prior traveling accessory of the upper-class before long. And 155 years later, Louis Vuitton Outlet has already become the fashion leader in the kingdom of luggage, yet still view TRAVEL as its core value.

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